Kinguin Vs G2A For Buying Steam Gift Cards

Kinguin Vs G2A For Buying Steam Gift Cards

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Kinguin and G2A are e-commerce sites that are similar but different. Both sites offer a unique selling point, and the most important one is that they both allow for users to purchase game keys. The main difference between them is the fee that is charged to buyers. While both sites charge a small commission, they also have different fee structures for sellers.

While the fees are reasonable for listing a new deal, the commission is a bit of a drag if you are trying to sell your own game key. However, if you have a subscription to G2A Plus, you can get better rates. On the other hand, Kinguin has a more sophisticated selling scheme.

In addition to the traditional currency, Kinguin also offers their own cryptocurrencies. For instance, Kinguin Krowns is a crypto-currency that can be used to buy digital content. They also offer a feedback mechanism for their merchants. It can be difficult to tell if a key you’re purchasing is legit, so it’s best to be alert.

Kinguin’s business model has a few notable shortcomings, however. For starters, it isn’t clear how it determines whether or not a code is valid. This means that you might end up with something you can’t play with. Additionally, the technology that is supposed to detect fake codes isn’t foolproof. Therefore, even the best-looking keys may turn out to be nothing more than a scam.

Another concern is that the site doesn’t have a huge inventory of games to sell. This means that if you have your eye on a specific title, you will have to wait a while before you can purchase it. That said, if you’re just looking for a few extra bucks, the site might be worth it. If you’re more interested in making a quick buck, you could simply list your own game key on the site.

While the most expensive game is not for sale on the site, there are still plenty of options for gamers who are willing to trade a few bucks for a nifty device. Some of the more popular devices include the PlayStation 3 and Xbox One. You can find a number of these at Kinguin, and it’s worth checking out the site if you’re planning on buying or reselling a console.

Although the site has a fair amount of flaws, it is a great resource for gamers. For instance, it is easy to buy items from other users. And if you’re a seller, you can advertise your products and get a good deal from other merchants. Buying and selling on G2A is a great way to make a little extra money, and the process is simple.

The most important factor in using the G2A site is that it provides a reliable and secure transaction. If you experience any problems with your order, you can easily request a refund. Luckily, there is a built-in feedback system for sellers. Furthermore, if you sign up for G2A’s Seller Supreme program, you’ll be eligible for a larger commission.


Gamivo is a digital marketplace which offers a wide range of discounted game codes and gift cards. This site is considered to be one of the most popular game key sites. Besides buying and selling game keys, Gamivo also provides a subscription service that offers a number of benefits. It is important to note that Gamivo also has an excellent customer protection program that provides a seven-day refund window for unused game keys.

Gamivo’s website is well organized and has a number of different options, such as pre-ordering games, using the payment method of your choice, and selecting the currencies you would like to use. In addition, the site is designed to protect consumers from scammers. You can even use a referral link to share with your friends. Moreover, you will get a discount for your first order.

Gamivo is known to have the lowest prices in the market. They offer discounts of up to 95% on games and software. Additionally, they offer discounted rates for gift cards, including those offered by iTunes and Google Play. Also, Gamivo is known for its fast delivery. It usually takes only five to ten minutes to receive your game key.

Gamivo also boasts a comprehensive selection of games, ranging from PC to console titles. Furthermore, it has a number of popular gift cards, including Google Play Gift Cards, PUBG Points Cards, and iTunes Gift Cards. There are also hundreds of merchants on Gamivo, which means there are always plenty of options for you to choose from. Moreover, Gamivo supports eight different languages.

However, Gamivo’s support is not very helpful in some cases. Some users report that support replies take long periods of time to resolve. If you do have any problems, however, you can always contact Gamivo’s customer support and make a request for a refund. Luckily, they do have a money-back guarantee, but you will have to provide a police report. The site does not have a reputation for fraudulent activity, but you should still be careful when purchasing keys.

G2A is one of the largest gaming markets in the world, with 19 million customers. Like Gamivo, it is an online marketplace where third-party sellers can sell their game keys. Users can browse through all keys in one place, and they can buy the keys with their credit card or PayPal. Although the company has a lot of sellers, you should check their ratings to make sure that you are not paying for fake goods.

As for the quality of the keys sold on G2A, it is difficult to say. There have been reports of fraudulent keys being sold, but the company does not claim responsibility for them. For those who need to purchase games, they can do so through their affiliate program, which earns 8% of sales. Moreover, the company has a customer protection program that offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Aside from these features, the company has a good track record of trustworthiness.

Gamivo is definitely a good alternative to G2A. It has the same pricing, but offers a better selection of games. Their site is simple, and there are no clumsy tabs or shaky navigation. On the other hand, Gamivo’s customer support is not very friendly and it does not always respond quickly.

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