ST Total War Rome 2 Image Review

ST Total War Rome 2 Image Review

One of the main features of ST Total War Rome 2 is the inclusion of a female general. This feature has made this game one of the most popular and well-received games of all time. It’s easy to see why. Read on to discover more about the game and its female character.


Despite its shortcomings, Rome II is still a worthy Total War. The game offers a rich and deep campaign, superb battles, and a variety of unique factions.

In addition to the main campaign, the game features downloadable content packs that add new units, factions, and campaigns. Some packs are free for those who own the original game.

Another notable feature of the Total War series is the ability to play a two-player cooperative mode. This allows players to team up to take down rivals and build a strong empire.

In Rome 2, the AI is said to be smarter. However, it also suffered from some of the same problems as the previous games. For instance, the game was plagued with a variety of technical and design flaws.

One of the most innovative aspects of the game is the horde mechanic. You can recruit people from nearby settlements, and generals can build armies directly.

Other features of the game include the introduction of an estate system and a mustering system. Furthermore, the map is divided into 173 regions.

Finally, the game has a large number of new technologies, including an improved research system. This leads to new discoveries in various areas, from politics to agriculture.

Although the main campaign is quite lengthy, the game does not offer a timed victory condition. It is possible to pass edicts that boost the public’s happiness.

Rome II also has a robust modding community, with a plethora of mods. However, it’s important to note that some of the more advanced mods have caused issues with the game’s stability. Luckily, the game has had many fixes to address these problems.

Single-player campaign

Rome II is the latest addition to the Total War series. It offers players the chance to lead the Roman Empire to its full potential.

While the game is primarily a single player campaign, players can also choose to participate in cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes. Players can either work together to build the best armies, or they can try to win the war on their own.

There are a wide variety of factions to choose from. Several new downloadable content packs have been released. These add more playable factions and additional standalone campaigns.

The primary campaign map is divided into 57 provinces. Each province is a grouping of three or four regions. Regional capitals generate an automatic garrison. Armies can also be recruited from nearby settlements.

Players can recruit specialized units called agents. They are classified by culture. Agents are able to convert other characters into their faction, assassinate other characters, and perform other tasks.

Players can also research technology along a technology tree. This research leads to new discoveries in agriculture, infrastructure, and politics.

A variety of building options are available to increase population. The player is also able to increase public happiness by passing edicts.

Players can also choose to focus on diplomacy. Diplomacy has been streamlined to reduce micromanagement.

Players can now research technologies that will improve their armies. Units have increased hit points during battle. Ships can be heavier for more support.

Rome II features an AI that is said to be more intelligent. It also has improved combat responsiveness for formation attacks in battle. Some of the elite infantry units have had their melee defense decreased.

Overall, Total War: Rome II is a solid strategy game. While it was initially criticized for its numerous technical problems, the game has received many improvements in recent updates.

Female general feature

For a game that boasts a whopping 343 generals and one princess, the female general has been a topic of interest for many a gamer. Having said that, there’s been an uptick in the number of female generals made available to players in recent months, as well as a handful of notable female characters in the game’s latest unit pack release. Some of these are no-brainers, such as the aforementioned Kaio Hyzel, but there’s also a few notable female generals with some sexier attributes to boot.

Female generals are not entirely new to the Total War series, having been introduced in the Desert Kingdoms DLC in March of this year. The most noteworthy female general in the game is the lady of the night, an Ardiaei general named Queen Teuta. She will start her career off on a high note by turning up the heat during the first turn of her campaign. This is certainly an impressive feat, given that she is the only female of her type in the history of humankind, and her commanding powers are more than ample for the task. Aside from a well-placed assassination attempt, the only other notable female general in the game is Kush, a Spartan. Her achievements are limited to a few key battles.

Aside from the questionable spawn rates, the game is otherwise a pretty good romp. The only caveat being that the average female general’s output is relatively limited, especially when compared to male counterparts. Of course, this is not a problem if you know what you’re doing. In any case, this is one of the best games to pick up for your PC, if you’re a fan of the ancient empire era of Rome.

Board game interpretation

Rome: Total War is a turn-based strategy game where players build their empire and conquer their enemies. The game is set in the ancient Mediterranean world and allows players to play as Greece, Carthage, Rome, or Gallo-Germania. Throughout the game, the players will compete with each other for control of the most territory, earning victory points that can help them advance in the game.

In the Total War series, players can choose to play competitive or cooperative modes. Both modes allow for a variety of scenarios and allow players to ascend in power as they progress through the game. During the game, players can use resources such as money, technology, and settlements to expand their territories and attack their enemies.

The game also features an overworld map that replicates the video game’s overworld. Players can use taxes and agents to expand their territory and recruit new soldiers. They can also use dissent to spread their influence over the map. Other game elements include dice rolls, upgrades, and army development.

In Rome: Total War, the players can take on the role of Carthage or Rome, each of which offers different experiences. The players will also be able to play as the Barbarian Tribes of Gallo-Germania, which is a major player in the game.


Total War Rome II is the eighth standalone game in the Total War series. This time, the game is set in the Mediterranean and Near East. It is developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. In the game, players can take control of an ancient world’s most incredible war machine, and ascend to power. The campaign begins in 272 BC, and lasts for 300 years.

Rome 2 is a sumptuous strategy game. The visuals are dazzling, and the gameplay is slow-burn. For fans of the series, it should be a treat. Players will be able to choose from nine nations – Spain, Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Norway – and battle against dozens of other nations as well. There are a variety of mods and updates available to help players customize their experience.

Although Rome 2 suffered from some technical issues, it still received positive reviews upon release. It also exceeded the sales and concurrent player numbers of the previous game. Several downloadable content packs have since been released, allowing players to expand the game’s scope. They add new units and factions. Lastly, the Emperor Edition was released as a free upgrade to all current players, adding macOS support and upgraded visual elements.

The game is a good deal of fun, and is a worthwhile investment. For gamers looking for a strategy game with a lot of depth, there’s nothing better than Total War. Even the most cynical amongst you might have to concede that it’s a solid title.

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